Matanuska Glacier Walk

Its the largest and most easily accessible glacier in Alaska. You can drive as close as to a distance of a quarter mile. The glacier is visible from the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway, Glacier View and falls in-between the cities of Palmer and Glennallen.

On Glenn Highway you can visit Matanuska Glacier Park at milepost marker 102. At the milepost market it will take you to a privately owned drive. They collect entry fee of $35 per person to let you drive on their private road.  From the parking lot, you can access the glacier's foot in about fifteen minutes around a quarter mile. 

The initial path up the glacier is muddy wooden plans are laid for a smooth walking experience. The glacier is all alive and you can hear the sounds of crack and water flowing in between the cracks. Take some time to intake the beautiful view. It gives an inner peace to the soul. You need normal walking shoes and ice cleats if you want to go and explore further inside of the glacier. There are guided tours and guided glacier climbing packages. 

View of the glacier from the parking lot

Glacier Crevasse 


Cryoconite holes
Top of the glacier

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