Road Trip - California and Nevada

Highlights: Los Angeles, Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas

Most popular State in the United States of America. A state which is home for many big corporates. In this blog, you can find our road trip itinerary from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada via Death Valley National Park.

Of course, Los Angeles is a big city and will require at least a couple of weeks to complete the city thoroughly. So I suggest you to strongly prioritize what you would like to visit and what not. To get an idea of things, I take around an hour or so to check Trip Advisor for top attractions.
We went on a week long vacation round trip ticket in and our of Los Angeles, itinerary as below:

Day one and two:  Los Angeles, On the second day of our trip we stayed in area around Santa Monica beach and had set out early for our long drive to Death Valley National Park

Day two and three (first half):  Death Valley National Park, a very unique National Park know for its hottest, driest yet very unique feature. Kindly follow the link to find more about the top attractions.

Day three ( second half )and four:  Las Vegas

Day four: Las Vegas and in the evening start drive back to Los Angeles

We drove the night and slept at the hotel closer to the airport, took next day early morning flight from Los Angeles.

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