Road trip itinerary Nevada, Utah, Arizona.

Highlights: Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Zion National Park.

This is a trip that we would call as "checking off the Bucket list". The sole purpose of planning the trip was hiking the Havasupai falls in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. We also visited other interesting places around Grand Canyon. Itinerary as below.

We flew in and out of Las Vegas, the only purpose of choosing Las Vegas airport location was cheap flights though it demanded a couple of hours of extra drive time yet well worth the drive.

Day One: We reached Las Vegas airport at 5.00 PM picked up a Hertz rental car and started driving. We reached the Hualapai hilltop at midnight 1.00 AM and slept in the car, we felt safe to do so. You will also find so many fellow hikers doing the same.

Day two and three: Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

Next day we started hiking at 6.30 A.M visit Havasupai Falls camping experience to know more. On day three we reached back hill top at 11.30 A.M and headed towards Grand Canyon National Park

Please visit Grand Canyon National Park visit the link to read detailed itinerary.

Day four: Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon Dam.


After observing sunrise at the Grand Canyon National Park we headed to Antelope Canyon and took a guided tour at the Glean Canyon dam in the evening, please follow links above for detailed itinerary

Day Five: Zion National Park.

We did a day trip to cover the highlights of the Zion National Park, please follow the link to check out a one-day itinerary of the park.

After covering the highlights we headed back to Las Vegas for our return journey

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